What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

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When you’re driving, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having another pair of eyes or a few sensors can help you stay alert and reach home safely. Nowadays, there are advanced driving systems that can let you know what’s happening or is likely to happen around your vehicle, which can reduce your accident risk. When it comes to driver-assistance technologies, Nissan went above and beyond with its state-of-the-art Nissan Intelligent Mobility system, which is designed to provide a smarter, easier, and safer driving experience. Let’s learn more about Nissan Intelligent Mobility and its most notable features.

What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a set of integrated technologies developed to provide a safe, comfortable, and manageable drive. It encompasses three fundamental areas of innovation that influence how your Nissan vehicle works, drives, and integrates with society. These three areas Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, and Intelligent Integration, each of which has its own helpful features. When equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility, your car will be able to utilize data and technology to avoid problems such as congestion, pollution, and accessibility.

Intelligent Driving

Nissan’s Intelligent Driving features driver-assistance software that assists you with navigating heavy traffic, finding parking spots, and dealing with potential hazards. Some of its key features include:

ProPilot Assist

With just a push of a button, the semi-autonomous ProPilot Assist system can help you follow traffic safely and stay within your lane by slightly controlling the steering and brakes. In stop-and-go traffic, it uses Nissan’s Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist technologies to bring your car to a stop and then start it up and continue once traffic begins to move again.

ProPilot Assist is equipped with Navi-link, which synchronizes with the navigation system to anticipate traffic flow more accurately. Other useful features include Speed Adjust by Route, which reduces your speed when you’re making tight turns, and Speed Limit Assist, which helps you stay within the designated speed limit.

ProPilot Park

If your Nissan is parked in a tight space where you’re unable to open the doors on both sides, you’ll appreciate the ProPilot Park system. By operating your Nissan Intelligent Key, you can control your car from the outside and move it into a position where you can easily get in.

When you give a command for your vehicle to move slowly, it’s able to identify the type of parking it needs to perform, such as parallel, perpendicular, or angle parking. The 12 built-in sonar sensors on your car’s front and rear bumpers can detect obstacles in its path and help it maneuver in or out of a parking space safely.

Advanced Safety Features

In addition, Nissan Intelligent Driving has a wide range of advanced safety features that can improve your situational awareness and lower your chances of getting into an accident. These include:

  • Automated Emergency Braking (with pedestrian monitoring).
  • Intelligent Cruise Control.
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.
  • Intelligent Blind-Spot Intervention.
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning.
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor.
  • Intelligent High Beam Assist.
  • Intelligent Driver Alertness.

Intelligent Power

The purpose of Nissan’s Intelligent Power is to ensure that Nissan owners enjoy cleaner, quieter power and a more engaging driving experience. It achieves this by delivering instant torque and zero emissions in the exhaust. Below are some of the main features of Intelligent Power:


Driving with the groundbreaking e-Pedal lets you accelerate, decelerate, or brake easily with just a single pedal. With this technology, you can accelerate by applying some pressure to the gas pedal and decelerate by releasing it. Your vehicle will stop completely if you don’t step on the pedal again.

Efficient Power

Nissan electric vehicles use a reliable, high-powered battery that produces instant torque, allowing you to quickly accelerate to maximum speeds with zero tailpipe emissions. The system includes a gasoline engine to enable electricity generation that can take you further. Moreover, most cars have a built-in all-wheel-drive system to assist in dealing with bad weather conditions.

Intelligent Integration

With Intelligent Integration, your vehicle can learn from its surroundings and give data and feedback to other Nissan vehicles and owners. Let’s look at some important components of this innovative technology.

Seamless Autonomous Mobility

Seamless Autonomous Mobility works with Intelligent Integration and remote human support to enable driverless vehicles to move smoothly and safely in unexpected situations. It allows many different cars to share information that helps them run seamlessly on the road.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Nissan strives to provide efficient charging and lasting power so that you can drive your electric vehicle all day. Additionally, the ever-growing power solutions make it possible for you to charge your vehicle anytime, anywhere. The automaker is also cooperating with local governments and private companies to make plug-in charging available everywhere. There are also fast-charging systems that can help you save time replenishing your car’s battery.

Vehicle To Home

Your vehicle can function as a backup power source for your home or grid. The Nissan LEAF is capable of using solar to store home-generated renewable energy for consumption in the evening. Furthermore, even if your battery is depleted, it can still be used in your home. You also have access to a system that lets you control when and how the collected energy should be used.


NissanConnect has features and apps that enable you to easily link to your gadgets and perform a variety of driving-related tasks. These features include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Amazon, remote start capability, Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation, and over-the-air map update services.

Which Vehicles Have Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

From gasoline-powered cars, SUVs, and trucks to electric vehicles, many new Nissan models are fitted with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Some examples include the Nissan Nismo, Nissan LEAF, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Kicks, and Nissan Altima.

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